Percussi has been a traditional Italian restaurant in São Paulo since 1985. Our challenge was to maintain the essence and the clients' recognition, while bringing freshness to the brand. They had a new goal: more than just Italian food, now the restaurant would also be a place for people to go to know, prove and appreciate good wine. The visual identity was inspired in Italian streets and has its own illustration of Bacchus, god of wine. Our messages bring poetry to it all, in a light and solar way. The brand was launched in the new restaurant's address and the general feeling was that new Percussi was definitely born as a classic.
Creative Direction: Pedro Mattos e Fernando Andreazi
Flow Director: Cacau Chaves
Coordinators: Giovanna Marques e Regys Lima
Copywriters: Janaina Fernandes e Cacau Chaves
Designers: Thiago Siqueira, Sidney Schunck, Regys Lima e Pedro Mattos
Ilustration: Thiago Siqueira e Sidney Schunck
Motion Design: Guilherme Paulino

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