Linker is more than a digital bank for entrepreneurs. We brought the small business reality to the screen, the stories of the people that hustle every day to get their business rolling. Launch campaign. Narrative. Full website… for a brand full of courage to tell the truth. Vai ser f*da!

Creative Direction: Fernando Andreazi and Pedro Mattos
Flow Director: Cacau Chaves
Designers: Regys Lima, Thiago Siqueira, Sidney Schunck and Pedro Mattos
Copywriters: Fernando Andreazi and Giovanna Marques
Motion Design: Lorena Martins, Regys Lima and Guilherme Paulino
3D Artist: Bruno Moncada
Video: Risco Produções
Photography: Ethel Braga
Web Development: Daniel Fabrício
Music: Mario Porto
Special thanks:  Fabiana Silveira, Patricia de Palma, Anne Chang, Marcelo Ramos, Roberto Cipolla e Ana Raia.

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