Amázzoni is distilled in Brazil and crafted for the world. A gin brand that brings people and nature together. Visually and verbally, our work suggests a synesthetic jungle filled with mystery and extraordinary stories. Rebu helped to position and express the brand with clean, clear visuals that connects nature & people. Full brand aesthetics and guidelines help Pernod Ricard keep its gin authentic and fresh. Now Amázzoni is becoming internationally acclaimed for its sophisticated visuals and authentic narrative.

Creative Direction: Pedro Mattos e Fernando Andreazi 
Flow Director: Cacau Chaves
Coordinators: Giovanna Marques e Regys Lima 
Copywriters: Giovanna Marques e Janaina Fernandes
Designers: Thiago Siqueira, Thiago Modesto, Regys Lima e Pedro Mattos
Ilustration: Thiago Modesto
3D: Bruno Moncada
Motion Design: Gui Paulino

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